A closer look at ERC funding opportunities · The European Research Council ( ERC) grants are awarded to projects led by starting and established researchers  


14 Dec 2018 The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Maksym Kovalenko an ERC Consolidator Grant 2018. His application convinced the jury 

ERC Funded Projects. The ERC operates according to a "curiosity-driven", or "bottom-up", approach, allowing researchers to identify new opportunities in any field of research. Accordingly the portfolio ERC funded projects spans a wide range of topics and research questions. Since 2007, more than 9,500 projects have been selected to receive ERC What type of grants does the ERC fund? ERC Starting Grant for young, early-career top researchers (2-7 years after PhD) - up to 1.5 million euro for 5 years. ERC Consolidator Grant for already independent excellent researchers 7-12 years after PhD) -up to 2 million euro for 5 years. ERC Synergy Grants (ERC SyG) Enabling 2-4 Principal Investigators and their teams to bring together complementary skills, knowledge, and resources in new ways, in order to address ambitious research problems.

Erc grant

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The funding of pioneering basic research is one of the priorities of the European Union. To this end, the European  ERC Transfer Grants. In the context of Switzerland's temporary exclusion from European research funding, the ERC decided that ERC Starting and Consolidator  ERC awards individual grants for outstanding scientists in an EU-wide competitive procedure. Applicants are addressed in three funding lines according to their  8 Sep 2020 ERC Starting Grants are prestigious awards for young researchers with less than seven years of experience who have built excellent scientific  15 Jan 2021 The indicator shows the number of ERC Starting Grants, Consolidator Grants and Advanced Grants by country and by university in the  14 Dec 2018 The evaluation for ERC Starting Grants that had been A-rated in the first the following information concerning ERC Starting Grant proposals  The European Research Council (ERC) is this year celebrating ten years in existence. The fund awards grants to top European researchers.

ERC Starting Grants to Psychologist and Sociologist Two researchers at Stockholm University have been granted the ERC Starting Grant. The researchers who will receive the prestigious grant are Mikael Lundqvist at the Department of Psychology and Ben Wilson at the Department of Sociology.

The European Research Council (ERC) aims to provide  Dessa forskare på Göteborgs universitet har fått anslag från European Research Council (ERC). ERC Synergy Grant Horizon 2020 (2014-2020).

Erc grant

ERC Advanced Grant for senior research leaders with significant research achievements in the last 10 years - up to 2.5 million euro for 5 years. ERC Proof of Concept Grants for ERC grant holders who want to check the market and/or innovation potential of research results from ERC-projects - lump sum of 150,000 euro for 18 months.

Erc grant

prestigious ERC Starting Grant from the European Research Council awarded them with a total sum of 1,36 million Euro in research grants  Kimberly Dick Thelander, lektor i Fasta tillståndets fysik vid LTH, är en av 287 unga toppforskare i Europa som får ERC:s Starting Grant. vid Sociologiska institutionen, Umeå universitet har tilldelats 1,5 miljoner Euro, från det europeiska forskningsrådet, ERC, och stödformen ERC Starting Grant. Samtliga ERC-utlysningar är öppna för forskare inom alla vetenskapsområden. Den första utlysningen öppnar den 25 februari.

Erc grant

A further six researchers were awarded funds under the call for Advanced Grant 2018. We have spoken to three researchers who received ERC grants. The requirements of ERC are higher than most other grants, whether it be national grants, Horizon 2020 grants, or others.
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Erc grant

Гранти від Європейської дослідної ради (ERC) направлені на підтримку  14 Dec 2018 The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Maksym Kovalenko an ERC Consolidator Grant 2018.

Kristian Kristiansen, Faculty of Humanities, Department of historical studies (2020) ”COREX - From correlations to explanations: towards a new … The ERC has published the results of this years call for Consolidator grants. A total of 327 researchers from 39 countries will share more than 655 million EUR. 14 of them have a Swedish host institution. The grants are intended for researchers whose PhDs were awarded 7-12 years ago, and the average grant is 2 million EUR paid across five years.
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Erc grant

ERC Consolidator Grants är forskningsmedel som delas ut av EU-forskningsfinansiären Europeiska forskningsrådet, ERC. Totalt delades 655 miljoner euro ut till 327 forskare i årets utlysning. Förutom Consolidator Grants delar de bland annat ut Starting Grants och Advanced Grants.

The funding of pioneering basic research is one of the priorities of the European Union. To this end, the European Research Council (ERC) has been established. To receive support, research projects must have a high potential for innovation. Applying for an ERC grant? Have questions?